Fresh Ski

Logo, Website and Email Design

Brief: To create branding and a website for fictional winter sports company, Fresh Ski, which will be used to aid the Sales team in the marketing of Fresh Relevance's real-time personalized web products.

Solution: As the point of Fresh Ski is to attract companies to buy the Fresh Relevance system, we wanted to develop a brand that reflected Skiing and Snowboarding, but would first and foremost appeal to marketers. Therefore, I researched into current brands to produce something that would feel familiar to those who didn't have a direct interest in winter sports. I used the triangle shapes to represent mountains, and bold and dynamic text with almost a graffiti look to represent snow and a rugged mountain terrain. I then set about designing page mockups for the website and emails to be produced by the Customer Services Team. This is now used to demonstrate Fresh Relevance technology to clients and at shows.