Fresh Relevance

Marketing Material

Brief: To aid in the rebrand of Triggered Messaging to Fresh Relevance by reproducing old marketing material using the new brand style guidelines, then to continue producing new on-brand sales and marketing material to aid the company in selling.

Solution: When Triggered Messaging was rebranded to Fresh Relevance, my main task was to reproduce the old marketing material, applying the new style set out in the brand guidelines. I also developed icons for the 4 main products, produced more detailed brand guidelines for use by partners and resellers, and created seasonal versions of the logo. I had to liase with printers in the production of items such as acrylic signs, umbrellas, mint box business cards and the design and purchase of the company mascot, Frellie the Elephant, who features heavily on the company's social media accounts. I have worked closely with the Marketing Team, helping with photography and image editing for the social media channels. I also run the company's Pinterest account, collecting examples of Email and Web content for clients to use as inspiration for their own content.